Accidental blog hiatus.  You know what that means … mmm hmmm.  Bullet points.

  • Children with Diabetes* Friends for Life conference took place in Orlando last week, concluding on Sunday.  It was exactly the diabetes emotional and educational refresher I needed, and I’ll have more in terms of stories to share this week.  But for the time being, you can check back on what happened by checking back on the #FFLOrlando18 hashtag through the social media channels du jour.
  • Tomorrow night, July 17th at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET, the Patient Revolution* will be hosting its first digital book club tweetchat over on The Twitter.  Details are over on their blog and you can follow @PatientRev for questions and #whywerevolt for the chat threads.  The discussion is centered around Victor Montori’s book, Why We Revolt, inviting patients, clinicians, and anyone else affected by healthcare (read:  everyone?) to talk about why language matters.
  • A few weeks ago, a project called The Social Diabetes Project was released by the W2O Group, and it’s the result of a lot of discussions with peers, crowdsourced information, and personal interviews.  I partnered with W2O in efforts to tell a small part of the much broader diabetes online community story, and I’m very grateful for both the support of my peers who contributed their perspectives and also to the people who are willing to help grow this document so that it reflects even more thoughts and ideologies (as it damn well should).  This is not a definitive document, but instead a dynamic one.
  • The team at Beta Change (more about that organization here) put out a video regarding the impact and influence of diabetes camps, and they featured a bunch of faces you might recognize.  As a diabetes camp mega fan, I’m really happy to see this kind of video making the rounds.  Camp rules!!

  • Unrelated to all things diabetes?  Cold brew coffee.  Like the Stok-ed kind.  Man, I’d live inside a bottle of that stuff these days.
  • More soon.  Seriously.  My brain is so full and I need to let some of this mental alphabet soup OUT.  Thanks for bearing with me through these bullet points.  Summer has kept me busy like this guy with all the doughnuts:
Man, I love doughnuts.

Image credit Jim Curran

* And those asterisks?  They are there to direct you to this portion of the post so that I can disclose my relationship with Children with Diabetes and also the Patient Revolution.  I’m a board member for both organizations, making my bias intense and also relevant.  More on my disclosures here.