This month, in the most recent edition of The PLAID Journal, I contributed a piece about the complicated questions we get about diabetes, and how our answers are just as complicated.

Is diabetes hard?

Yes. And no. There are times when I get mired in some of the tougher moments of diabetes, blowing up balloons by the dozen for a ridiculous pity party I’ll mentally throw for myself. Sometimes I hone in on the ways that my body can rot and suffer as a result of this disease. That even the most fastidious care can’t protect me in full from the ravages of diabetes. That the stuff we do, as people with diabetes, is so oddly invisible and yet occupies an unreasonable amount of brain space, permeating multiple tiers, like a layer cake of responsibility. That I’m scared of this disease at times and have nights where I’m afraid to fall asleep because I’m honestly unsure if morning will come.

It’s complicated.

And then I have to pump the brakes on that thought process, because so far, morning keeps coming …”

You can read the full article here, or download the PDF here.  And you can also check out the other contributions to this edition here.

[Disclosure:  I’m part of the editorial board for The PLAID Journal, and proud to be on the team.]