Monica Vesci, creator of Casualty Girl, was on a mission to wrangle in her diabetes … stuff.

“When traveling, or leaving the house, I always have this inner dialogue asking myself if I have all my diabetes shit with me. On a whim, I thought it would be fun to add the phrase to a carry-all pouch because I found myself repeating it often and thought it would be nice to have a set of carry-alls (that were clearly marked) so I always knew where my supplies were. It was really just a personal thing for me, and partly in jest, so I wasn’t sure what the response would be. I had no idea that so many others would relate and that it would become an instant hit overnight.”

Want to see for yourself?  Take a look:

… and if you like a less curse-wordy version, check this out:

And this one!

There are a ton of other carry all pouches on her site.  Check those out by clicking here.

I love her stuff.  A lot.  Her bags are ADORABLE and clever, and today she’s giving away one of her carry all pouches on SixUntilMe.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS:  The giveaway is open until Sunday at midnight, eastern time.  You enter by leaving a comment with a valid email on this post.  To win, you’ll also need to be following @ShopCasualtyGirl on Instagram*.  The winner will be announced on Monday!  This contest is open to anyone on the globe, so leave a comment to enter and win an awesome way to carry all your diabetes … stuff.  


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