An unloaded of a loaded brain.

  • I’ve been working towards a deadline for a project that’s time-consuming and yet still fun, but it’s been keeping my brain very busy, leaving little time for writing here and little time for doing anything that resembles housework stuff.
  • … actually, that’s kind of a lie because my favorite way to procrastinate doing work is to suddenly find a bin of laundry that needs to be washed or folded.
  • Or deciding at 8 pm to dig out the roots and remains of an old, dying azalea bush from the front garden because it absolutely needed to be done at that moment.
  • (Instead of going into my office and doing some writing.)
  • (This may have actually happened.  The dead azalea has been defeated.  But the edits on my project still need to be done.)
  • I accidentally ate a bug while ripped out that azalea bush and never bolused for it TAKE THAT, DIABETES.
  • What I’m working on at the moment is related to diabetes. Most of my writing in the last 13 years has been.  But I didn’t start out writing about diabetes.  (For the record, I wrote a lot of really silly poems about our cat when I was young.  This most likely surprises no one.)
  • And lately, I’ve been really looking towards reaching out of the diabetes space with stuff I’m writing.  The desire is strong.  And has driven me to storyboarding some ideas I’ve had tooling around for the last … decade? and to look into perhaps connecting with a literary agent.
  • Or a fiction writing class?  Something.
  • The more I let my brain wander, the more I want to bring my pen away from my pancreas and see where a story without diabetes roots would take me.
  • It’s my summer goal.  Time to exercise my miiiiind.  I want a beach … book.
  • Other than that, there’s been a lot of Parenting (capital P necessary), with Birdy’s second grade year winding to a close and my son becoming more verbal, more active, and more into pretend gardening. (“DIG!!  Mommy!  DIG SHOBEL!”  “Yes, kiddo.  You can dig with the … shobel.”)  I’m looking forward to some work travel this summer (ADA, Friends for Life, and TCOYD ONE are my big work three) in addition to some New England exploring with the kids.
  • And by “exploring,”  I mean finding activities that entertain an eight year old and an almost 2 year old and a pile of just-about-40 year olds.
  • Life on Victoza is still going well enough, but things are tapering.  The weight loss has quieted a bit but the blood sugars are still holding steadier than without Victoza, making me still okay with taking the 0.8u injection every morning.  (Except there were a few mornings when I skipped it.  All of those skip days came after a few long stints of unbreakable hypoglycemic episodes.  I attribute some of those sticky lows to the Victoza, and took a break when needed.)  I’ll do a bigger write up on Victoza next week.
  • But the lows have been gross.  And this week, in particular, they were ugly.  Two days ago I had a low that mentally hobbled me for several hours.  My insulin was reduced and all the “Hey, did you try …?” things were tried, but you know how some days just suck you into a habitat of hypoglycemia?  It was one of those.
  • But it’s all good.  Especially because this cat exists, and I have no idea where I originally found this image, but if you know and can tell me, I’d love to link back/give credit.  Because it’s amazing.