When it comes to making sense of diabetes and food, do you count carbs, or do you wing it?

Turns out, there’s plenty of gray area between those two concepts. Folks on Facebook seemed to do a bit of both winging and measuring.

“We will wing it when we have to, but for the most part, we strive for accuracy (weigh/measure) so that if the numbers are out of what, there are less variables to consider as to why that may be.”

“Mostly, I try to know my foods. As in, if I eat bread, I have to count way higher than the carb count on the package. But I still look at the carb count for everything.”

“Both. When I do wing it and guess though, I am amazed at how close I am…like I’d legit win the showcase showdown if there was ever a carb guessing version of The Price is Right.”

“I’ve been trying to be diligent in true carb counting lately- mostly for a calibration in my ballpark-ing it.”

“I count carbs where possible, and wing it when I’m eating out.”

” I employ the SWAG method. The science being if I can recall what I did and the subsequent results from other times eating a similar thing.”

“How does the song go? Restaurant food, no carb counts, hope I get it right.”

“Count, plus a little winging. It’s wingy counting.”

“… I plead the fifth.”

For me, it’s more of a learned SWAG (scientific wild-ass guess).  I’ll eat something, guesstimate how much insulin I’ll need to cover it based on a rough estimate of the carb count plus/minus all the variables that influence blood sugars, and then rinse, repeat.  Basically, I eat the same foods all the damn time, and those foods just become “units of insulin.” Is it an apple, or is it even 10 grams of carbohydrates? Nope, it’s 0.8u of insulin. Piece of pizza? 2.2u of insulin, with a .6u boost 45 min later. Toast and eggs? 3u. It’s a reflex carb counting method but it’s really just “take a little, take a little more as needed.”

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On the whole, I trend lower carb because it’s easier to dose my insulin for crustless quiche instead of pancakes.  And my blood sugars are mellower when my carb intake is either limited or closely monitored.  There are days when I go off the rails a bit and get my SWAGger on, but with my goals of continuing to drop the rest of the baby weight and attempt to mend my body a bit, I’m trying to be mindful.  And careful.  And other productive-sounding words.

So winging or counting – do what makes you feel healthy.   And happy. Like this face kind of happy –>


(Also, please watch Barry on HBO.  That show is incredible.)