(This is not the sexiest post.  Or one that it’s easy to find a not-disgusting stock photo to illustrate.  But my fingers are in a world of stingy-pain half the year, and it turns out I’m not alone.)

Let’s just cut right to the chase:  my finger tips split open about six months of the year.

It’s gross.  The skin at the top of my fingers will get a tiny split in it, and then the split will deepen somehow and become this weirdly painful and yet “doesn’t look that bad” sort of irritation.  It makes typing on the laptop keyboard awkward.  I have trouble pressing the button to release the five-point harness on my son’s carseat.  And I burn through bandaids and Neosporin like it’s my actual job, slathering on the healing ointment and covering it with a bandaid every night during the colder months.

The cold weather plus frequent hand washing makes the skin on my hands particularly vulnerable, which turns me into the Extremity Mummy with all the finger bandages.  Based on some advice from folks on Instagram, I started using liquid bandage stuff and while it stings like a mf and smells like nail polish remover, it protects the open slits on my fingers enough to give them a chance to heal.  (People also recommended Bag Balm, cocoa butter, and rose salve.  Links go to Amazon and no, I don’t make a profit by sharing them because Rhode Island is on the short list of states thatsay no to that as a revenue option.)

Spring has finally arrived and just this week, my fingertips are starting to look human-esque once more.

But I’m posting this here, on my diabetes blogorama, because there is a bit of a tie between diabetes and this finger funk – the link is found in the impeded healing that we sometimes face.  I’ve noticed that if my blood sugars are shit for a few days, the splits in my fingers take longer to mend.

YES!  This was a scintillating look at diabetes and hand rot!  Nothing but full on digital raves here at Six Until Me.  (But I know I’m not alone with the splitty finger tips.  So high five to anyone else who tapes their finger tips together all winter long.  And praise be to Spring.)