My diabetes blog turns 13 today.  Teenageabetes, in the bloggiest sense.  And fitting that my diabetes doesn’t always want to talk to me, has friends I don’t particularly care for, and only listens to me when I threaten it.

I have just finished 13 years of writing, now kicking off the 14th.  31 years of diabetes and 13 years of blogging.  It’s almost like the numbers have stopped being numbers and are beginning to succumb to my English major tendencies. (Have I mentioned that my insulin:carb ratio is 1:10. Thank goodness for that.)  This online journaling has gone from a pursuit of feeling less isolated with diabetes to introducing me to some of the finest non-insulin producing people on the planet.  I’m grateful beyond measure.

Thank you to those who have been with me since the beginning, and thank you to the folks who have stumbled across this digital diary over the last few years.  And I’ve very grateful to everyone who shares their diabetes story through whatever medium moves them – we’re reshaping the narrative of “life with diabetes” and showing the world that diabetes is not a punch line, not a motivational poster;  it is made up of our real lives, our excellent and challenging lived experiences.  This is our opportunity to open a window into what life with diabetes is really like, and we’re running with it.


:: blows into noisemaker ::