A few months ago, I stumbled upon StayPut Medical and tried one of these overlay tapes out over a Dexcom G5 sensor.  And even with a history of wonky adhesive issues and easily irritated skin, this tape helped my sensor hold tight, without issue.  

Thankful for the free trial sample and eager to share this “simple solution” with you guys, I asked the founder and president of StayPut Medical to hang out on the blog for a quick interview.  And he offered to provide a StayPut giveaway for six Six Until Me readers!  See below for details, and make sure you leave a comment on this post by Thursday to enter!

Kerri: What’s your story? Who are you and what’s your connection to diabetes?

Mike Mangus: My name is Mike Mangus, and I’m the Founder and President of StayPut® Medical, LLC. Prior to starting StayPut® Medical, I was a Territory Business Manager for Dexcom, Inc., in West Palm Beach, FL. My passion for, and belief in, the Dexcom CGM was only surpassed by the admiration I had for its’ users. I took a personal interest in each and every patient I helped to obtain a Dexcom CGM, and have formed the bonds of friendship that are still strong to this day.

Kerri: Can you tell readers about StayPut® and why you created it?

MM: As mentioned above, I worked for a manufacturer of a popular wearable device. When that device received FDA indication for use in the pediatric space, I noticed a major uptick in occurrences of the wearable device coming off the body prior to the manufacturer’s intended duration of use. Because of these, and the ensuing customer inquires regarding possible solutions to this problem, I decided to come up with a solution … StayPut® overlay patches.

StayPut® patches are water-resistant, breathable, durable and 100% latex free overlay patches, used to reinforce the existing adhesive of a wearable medical device. StayPut® patches come in a variety of colors and cut-out sizes, and are able to be trimmed easily, without fraying, to fit any size body or location of wear.


Kerri: How does your product help people with diabetes?

MM: StayPut® understands the multitude of diverse, and critical, aspects of living with diabetes; all of which need to be managed daily. With that said, our company’s mission is to make the life of a diabetic incrementally easier. We take pride in knowing, that through utilization of our overlay patches, wearable medical devices will stay on a patient’s body for the intended duration of use, and thus, the wearer won’t have to incur the cost, inconvenience, or frustration of losing a device early.

Kerri: How does StayPut® work, as a company? Do you have a giant manufacturing facility? Or is this a small business? Walk us through your work week.

MM: We are a small, family run company. I am the typical “jack of all trades, master of none”, and do everything from answer the phones, to package up orders, to make daily post office runs. Owning your own business is most certainly a 24/7/365 job, however, when you know you’re helping people, it makes it a LOT easier.

Kerri: And you’ve agreed to do a giveaway to SIX SixUntilMe readers – thank you for that!! What are you giving away?

MM: We are so excited to collaborate with SixUntilMe. We are giving away 2, 10pks (any color, any size) of StayPut® Medical patches (a $25 value) to 5 lucky winners. We would like to mention that even if you don’t win the contest, you can still obtain a StayPut® sample to try for FREE. We believe that patients pay too much for their supplies, and they deserve the right to “try before they buy.”

With that said, we always offer FREE SAMPLES of our StayPut® patches to anyone that would like one. Simply email us with your shipping address and color choice (blue, pink, beige, black, neon green or purple), and we’ll get it in the mail ASAP.

Thanks, Mike, for answering some questions and offering a giveaway to Six Until Me readers!  To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on this blog post by midnight on Thursday (make sure you use a valid email) and six winners will be drawn on Friday, May 4th.  

To find out more about StayPut medical patches, you can visit their website, send them an email, visit their Facebook page, or check them out on Instagram.