Bullet points?  Yep.

  • Easter came and went.  We colored a few dozen eggs and now everyone in my home will be eating hard boiled eggs until we’re all old and wrinkly.
  • Which I am becoming.  My daughter asked me if I was mad, and I said no, and she said, “Oh good.  Your forehead looked angry so I wanted to make sure.”  Cool.
  • Over the weekend, while I was making my bed, the little Guy wandered over to my bedside table, where a humidifier was sitting pretty.  It remained there for only a few more moments before my son grabbed it and poured its contents all over my laptop.
  • Goodbye, laptop.  I loved you so.
  • (Thankfully, as it was frying out, I was able to grab a hard drive and quickly back up the content.  Just in time, too, as it stopped working/charging/breathing an hour later and even the Geek Squad couldn’t get the waterlogged thing to turn on.)
  • Hooray, new laptop that I wasn’t prepared to purchase!
  • And hooray, all the weird little things that Apple makes you buy in order to use any of your old stuff that, oh, maybe requires a USB port?  More $$$ out the window.
  • (Related:  I had a talk with my son about making sure water stays where ever water currently is.  “Like the bathtub!  Water stays in the tubby.  And the cat bowl!  That water stays in there, too!”  “Wawus!” he said, petting Siah on the head.  “No, that’s Siah.  She’s a cat.”  “Wawus,” he agreed, nodding.)
  • We have two “wawusses” at our house who are very confused.
  • It snowed the day after Easter.  Like a lot.  We were playing outside the day before, not wearing jackets and noticing that the tulip bulbs were starting to break through the ground.  I am as confused about the weather as the wawusses are about their new identity.
  • I was in San Diego last week visiting the team at Tandem for a live video about switching from Animas to Tandem, and then in San Francisco for the CarbDM Summit (huge THANK YOU to Dr. Diana Naranjo for partnering with me for a candid discussion about the psychosocial side of life with T1D), and then NYC for an Omnicom event with the Patients and Purpose team (be on the lookout for the post-event podcast from that event coming soon).
  • Related to all the travel:  I’m almost done with the blanket I’m making for my boy, to replace the blanket he pulled apart a few weeks ago.  I did not know it was possible for a toddler to destroy an afghan, but we’re adding it to the list already occupied by my laptop, every block tower that Birdy has built in the last year, and my abdomen.
  • On the diabetes front, I’m seeing improvements.  My Dexcom Clarity app is telling me that in the last two weeks, I’ve added another 7% to my time-in-range, and upping my basal rates a few weeks ago helped a LOT.
  • I’ve also taken the off-label plunge into Victoza-land.  I started taking it last week, with my doctor guiding me carefully along on this process (he’s also T1D and with my tubes tied, everyone seems more relaxed about potential off-label stuff).  I’m not seeing any side effects yet, but it hasn’t even been a week yet.  I am seeing a few extra lows, so I’ve lowered my overall basal rates (even though I raised them a few weeks ago … oh, diabetes), but I’m hoping those even out as I tweak and adjust.  More on that in a few days, once I’ve done a full week and have something concrete to report.
  • And I’m starting my piano lessons in a week or two and cannot wait to learn to play the scales and Chopsticks and then move quickly on to every Radiohead song that’s ever been piano-versioned.  My family is going to be so sick of Like Spinning Plates.  And the Pyramid Song.
  • That’s all I’ve got for now.  Except this: