My morning blood sugar seems to set the stage for my whole day.

Yawn.  94 mg/dL to start my day?  Hell yeah.  It becomes a whole new version of those coffee commercials, where a sleepy someone rubs their eyes and stretches their arms above their head, lifted Pepé Le Pew style out of bed and down the hallway riding the scent of brewing coffee coming from the kitchen.

Only in my case, I bounce out of bed using the flat, steady CGM graph as my trampoline.  Waking up in range is a good feeling.  Makes me feel like I’m starting from a moment of success instead of fumbling to reach that baseline that people without diabetes might take for granted.

I missed feeling this way.

I have had some trouble getting my act together these last few months, partially because of my mild fear of lows while parenting and partially because I’m distracted and need to focus on diabetes with more precision.  But a few days ago, I made some aggressive tweaks to my basal rates and have seen some really good data in return.  I’m still fine-tuning, but upping my pre-dawn basal rates has helped me reclaim my time in range.

Small fixes.