I carry around a lot of stuff.  Diabetes gear – my glucose meter, some tabs in case of a low, a spare infusion set, an insulin pen, snacks.  Parenting gear – diapers, wipes, spare outfit for baby in case of chaos, oh hey, snacks again.  Work gear – laptop, phone, earbuds, notepad, and a pen courtesy of some hotel chain.  Plus, plus, plus.  Diabetes doesn’t define me, but it does lend itself towards being prepared.

Thankfully, the awesome team at Myabetic has created a bag that serves as exactly the right kind of kangaroo pouch for being prepared.  (And I am proud as hell to be the namesake.)

This morning, Myabetic introduced the Kerri Diabetes Tote, and it can carry all your shit.  … probably not the tagline they’re going for.  Here’s how they describe it on their site:

“Be prepared and organized for all scenarios with this multifunctional 2-in-1 diabetes tote bag. Its large interior can fit a laptop computer and includes an insulated section for snacks and medication. The exterior clutch is designed to easily access diabetes supplies and wallet necessities and can be removed to use as a stylish, streamlined mini bag (shoulder strap attachment included). Perfect for work, travel, diaper bag use, or everyday errands. Finally, a beautiful accessory as versatile and multifaceted as you!”

And thanks to their generosity, I have a Kerri Diabetes Tote to giveaway.  🙂

To enter, just leave a comment on this post, and be sure to provide your email address.  I’ll be drawing a random name on Friday (3/9) afternoon at noon EST and announcing the winner that same day.  Myabetic will connect with the winner and ship out the Kerri Diabetes Tote in the color of their choice.

A huge THANK YOU to the team at Myabetic for this honor, and for providing a bag to the giveaway winner.  Leave a comment to enter, and happy kangaroo’ing!