508 mg/dL.

What?  No way.

488 mg/dL.  501 mg/dL.

Dexcom was just saying HIGH to me.

I made some really dumb decisions.  I should have pulled that site out and replaced it last night at 9 pm when it became obvious that my blood sugar was not responding to the insulin from my boluses.  Instead, the thick and sticky pudding running through my veins made me exhausted, diluting logic with glucose and making me want to go to bed.  I was nauseas.  Everything ached.

“Five units of Humalog on board … man, that should do it, right?   But what if it doesn’t?” So I took two units of Humalog by syringe at 10 pm, set my alarm for 1.30 am and then again for 3.30 am so I could make sure I wasn’t tumbling into a hypo.

Fat chance.  Those two units of Humalog were the only insulin I received last night.  I woke up, still nauseas, down to 306 mg/dL, and pulled my pump site out right away.

Shit was bent.  Totally bent.  My basal rate?  Nope.  Those boluses to bring down the super high blood sugar?  Nope to those, too.  I haven’t had a bent cannula in a really long time, and of course I had one last night when we had some solid dinner carbs.  No insulin leakage around the site, no weird band-aid smell, nothing other than a ridiculously high blood sugar to tip me off.

(Note to self:  be less stubborn)

Now?  A few hours after a pump site change and an aggressive correction bolus, on top of another unit by syringe?  Down to 164 mg/dL.  I’m hoping to see high double digits in the next hour.  (side note:  I’ve been so high for so long that 164 mg/dL feels low.  My body is so confused.) 

Next time, I am pulling the site, no matter how much I wish it was working or how many infusion sets I’ve blown through in the last 48 hours (today makes four – stupid clumsy hands and bent cannulas).  My brain is mud today.

Onward.  And hopefully not upward again.