Today is my birthday, and I’m hoping if you’re reading this entry, you know that my goal has been to make a difference for people with diabetes.  My pancreas tapped out, but a mission tapped in, and I’m trying to do more good.

In keeping with that hopeful theme of doing more good, I’d like to ask that you consider donating to causes that make a difference for people with diabetes.  Here are two that are very dear to me:

The first cause is Children with Diabetes.  I am a very proud board member of T-1 Today/Children with Diabetes and also a member of the dedicated Friends for Life faculty.  That organization has taught me so much about taking good care of my physical and emotional health, and has also introduced me to some incredible members of the diabetes community.  I am thankful.  Today, if you’re able, please consider donating to support this organization. They work tirelessly to make diabetes better.

Donate to T1 Today / Children with Diabetes

And the second cause is Spare a Rose.  The Spare a Rose campaign aims to make a difference for children with type 1 diabetes through the International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child program by providing insulin and diabetes supplies to kids in developing countries.  A $5 donation can provide insulin for a month; a dozen roses gives life-sustaining insulin for a year.  This campaign runs through Valentine’s Day, and our community has made this a success every year through small donations from big hearts.

Donate to Spare a Rose

Thank you for supporting these causes, and for being part of my diabetes family.  xoxo