I read a post on Facebook this morning about a mom who spent a few hours by her kid’s bedside, monitoring a low blood sugar and keeping the snacks at the ready.  I thought about my own mom, who carried the bulk of the diabetes burden so that I didn’t have to, and how life felt normal because she made damn sure it would.  Even though I knew nights were rough when I’d wake up next to a bedside table filled with empty juice boxes.  

So here’s my diabetes version of “Silent Night,” right in time for the holidays.

Silent night, well not quite.
Sleeping well? Not tonight.
Round yon Dexcom, mother and child.
Holy crap this graph line is wild.
Sleep when things settle down?
Sleep when things settle down.

Silent nap, holy crap!
Glucose tabs for a snack.
Dial down basal rates for a few hours
Knowing that others have nights just like ours.
When will sleep be a thing?
When will sleep be a thing.

Silent night, finally, right?
Steady graphs, a delight.
Tucked back in, the kid is asleep.
All those devices won’t make a peep.
The bedside table’s a mess,
One day we’ll all worry less.