No mention of D-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named today.

Instead, let’s talk tunes.

Music is a constant in my life.  My cassette tape collection as a kid was pretty solid, my CD collection as a young adult was epic (thanks to those Columbia House-style subscription things where you could buy three CDs for a dollar and then end up with a bunch that you didn’t mean to buy but they kept sending), and since discovering Spotify a few years ago, I’ve been hooked on streaming music.

There’s a soundtrack while I’m cleaning the house.  While I’m running.  When I’m attempting to write.  When I’m playing with the little Guy.  While the plane is waiting to take off.  I have dozens of different playlists that I curate and cultivate.  Music is a memory trigger for me, taking me back to moments I relive with every imaginable emotion along for the ride – elation, excitement, happiness, sadness, shame, regret … all the emotions.

Taste-wise, I like a lot of music styles.  (Country and I have struggled to find our way to one another, and I’ve yet to connect with a country song in a productive way.)  My travel playlists weirdly look a lot like my exercise playlists, and my writing playlists are mellow and borderline depressing, but there’s diversity everywhere.  Using a service like Spotify tracks a lot of what I’m listening to, and when they busted out with their “2017 Wrapped” cumulative look at a user’s musical preferences, I could see what filled my ears most this year.

Favorite bands?  This year, alt-J dominated.  They have been in my ears for several years now, but Deadcrush is such a weird, solid song with heavy bass that sounds very wrong but so right throbbing from the speakers in my mom car. (Rocking out in a Honda Pilot is what the cool kids do, right?  No, but it’s what I do.)

So good.

Another one I loved this year was Amsterdam by Nothing But Thieves.

And Chase Me by Danger Mouse (even though I can’t pretend that the “Yeah, baby!” part doesn’t make me think of Elmo from Sesame Street.  Mom braaaaaaain!)

This one isn’t new but instead new-to-me and was one of my favorite airport songs this year – Ghostwriter by RJD2.

This song always happens to be on when I’m on a plane, and as the chorus moves in, I can actually hear the engines pushing off from the ground and see the landscape becoming miniature through the airplane window.  Call Me in the Afternoon by Half Moon Run.

I love all of it.  All music.  The Leftovers soundtrack.  Anything by anyone from the band Elbow, or from The Frames, or Arctic Monkey, or from Radiohead.  No pop tune is safe, even if I want to pretend not to listen to it.  (Looking at you, Taylor Swift, you evil earworm witch.) I’ll even jam out to Cookie Monster’s jingle, How Many Cookies Today?  (So far, I’ve seen him eat as many as 17.  That’s a lot of frigging cookies in one sitting.)

What are you listening to?  Favorite bands?  Song you can’t stop loving?