Starting this blog back in 2005 wasn’t for page views or for advocacy efforts, to be honest.  It was because I didn’t know any other people with diabetes, and I felt alone.  I was the only twenty-something I knew who shot up before breakfast, the only one with a bottle of juice in the shower.  I wanted to find some people who did this diabetes to do list every day, like I did.

This website is not my financial livelihood.  But it’s my health umbilical cord – a livelihood of a different sort.  It has connected me to my peers, people who really know what it’s like to have a pancreas that crapped out, and their support has made life with diabetes easier.  Better.  Less lonely.

More life-y.

Susannah Fox (formerly Chief Technology Officer at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) created this video with her team and it really resonated because peer-to-peer support, for me, is why I write.  It’s why the diabetes online community is crucial to my good health.

Do I value the DOC?  You beta do.

“The internet isn’t magical and it is certainly capable of bias and partial information but it can also be a source of information that is open 24/7. The advice is not always life-changing, but is often life-improving. In the dark of night you may find not only a friend, but a fellow advocate and you may feel less alone. Information and camaraderie help.”  – Peer to Peer Health Advice video (see below)

Our community is our super power.  No doubt.