Holiday shopping is HAPPENING, and if are a PWD or loving one, there are a bunch of silly, fun, clever, and joy-sparky gifts available for you to snap up in time for the holidays.  Check out this gift guide for people with diabetes (here’s the one from last year), and if you have gift ideas that are perfect for PWD, please share those suggestions in the comments section!

(And be on the lookout for a holiday reading list next week, featuring some excellent books for and by PWD.)

You want this cookie cutter.  Cookies shaped like insulin bottles are literally a delicious irony.  Actually, you can score this cookie cutter for your bolus-worthy treats and also explore this site’s other bits of awesomeness, like the custom insulin pumps and CGM sensors for dolls.  Slap a Dexcom on your Elf on a Shelf, or subject your Paw Patrol critters to a pump!

This James Diabetes case from Myabetic is the best upgrade to that crummy black nylon case that comes with every meter.  I love the purple, the vegan leather is amazing, and the versatility of this case makes it a gorgeous addition to your diabetes arsenal.  Check out their site for other color options, and peruse out the other design options available!

Glucolift makes the best glucose tabs.  This is my opinion, but it might also be a fact because these tabs have a ton of fans in the diabetes community.  While the cherry and orange cream flavors are amazing, I’m a fan of wildberry.  These tabs are useful little stocking stuffers and also good when you need to stuff your face with glucose during a hairy holiday hypo.

Personal mug plug for SixUntilMe?  Yep.  If diabetes doesn’t define you, but it helps explain you, you can drink your coffee from a ceramic version of that sentiment.  Make sure you don’t bother with decaf in this mug, though.  It might reject decaf entirely.

Ahoy, PumpPeelz!  Dress up your t:slim with these adorable decals, or check out the PumpPeelz catalog of decorative adhesives, from anchors for your X2 to dinosaurs for your Dexcom.  These decals dress up diabetes in a way that adds a little fun to your devices.

FitBit, anyone?  Yeah, the wearables craze is a bit … crazy, considering I’m wearing a whole pile of wearables related to diabetes, but using a FitBit does help me stay accountable, even if just to myself, about exercise.  Pairing with PWD partners helps, too, and the challenges can be fun.

This t-shirt cracks me up.  The Internet is not fearing of a shortage of clever, diabetes-related t-shirts, and since I love spotting PWD in the wild, I thought this shirt was a clever one.  The bear image is a bonus.

Happy shopping!