In keeping with the theme of doing more good, here are a few diabetes organizations that I personally support because their mission is also to do more good.  I mean, it’s Giving Tuesday.  So would you consider giving?

T1 Today (aka Children with Diabetes) is an organization I feel powerfully connected to on a dozen different levels.  As a board member and an adult with type 1 diabetes, the Friends for Life conference that Children with Diabetes puts on is diabetes camp for adults.  It’s an overwhelming sense of community and inspiration condensed into a few days that somehow fill me up for the rest of the year.  With support from generous people like you, the Friends for Life conference can be part of diabetes landscape until we’re all sporting our own islet cells.

Kate’s Cause is an amazing organization born from grief that has the capacity to do a tremendous amount of good.  Lindsay Rhodes, mom to the gorgeous and very loved Kate Rhodes, started this non-profit to push for funding, awareness, and a cure for the disease that took her child.  Lindsay has a type 1 diabetes connection (she has T1D) and she is a friend.  Please consider giving to Kate’s Cause.

A Sweet Life is a diabetes magazine (disclosure: I have done some editorial work over there) that aims to provide people with diabetes the information, entertainment, and inspiration they need to live a healthy life.  Their mission is pure and their team is hard-working.  Your donation will help them continue to provide a dose of digital support to our DOC.

Life for a Child provides a child in a developing country with the insulin and supplies they need for just a dollar a day.  This is the same organization that the Spare a Rose campaign supports every February, but with insulin access at the forefront of so many diabetes discussions, supporting Life for a Child today, and in February, makes a lot of sense and also makes a difference you can hug.

If you’re not in a position to give financially on Giving Tuesday, go back to that whole “do more good” sort of thing.  Give someone a hand with getting their groceries into the cart.  Hold the door for someone.  Tell the bank teller you like their shirt, or the cashier that their earrings are awesome.  Hand out some smiles today.

And thanks for being part of the diabetes community and for making a difference.  You’re awesome.  If there are charities/organizations you’d like to highlight on Giving Tuesday, please leave a link in the comments!