Dexcom rings
Are you listening?
On the graph
Lows are blistering.
A beautiful sight
Is an overnight
Walking in no-hitter* wonderland

Gone away
Are my betas
Here to stay
Is the data.
My Dexcom alarms
Protect me from harm.
Searching for no-hitter wonderland

In the meadow we can build an organ
And pretend that he’s a pancreas.
He’ll say I’m so useful
We’ll say no man
But I will do your job
You pain in the ass.

Later on
We’ll check BGs
As we dream of a cure, please.
To face unafraid
The plans that we’ve made
Waiting for no-hitter wonderland

Dexcom rings
And I’m tuned in
On my graph
I’m improving.
A beautiful sight
I’m happy tonight
Watching my no-hitter wonderland.


(* A no-hitter is a CGM graph that stays within the lines for 24 hours)