Time to run round neighborhoods!
Time to collect up sweets and goods!
Tricks and treats and being merry
And time for some to run commentary.

“Um … can you eat that?”
Yes, I can.
I can unwrap this Twix bar, man.
Can place it in my open mouth
Can chew it up and send it south.
These things? I CAN. My body can.
But choosing to is different, man.
Don’t run your mouth
Or tell me what
You think I can or can’t, tutt tutt.
I take good care
Of all my shit.
Especially with the shoddy bits.

So on this dress up fun time day
Please don’t assume I’ve lost my way.
And that the haul of candy in my bag
Should raise up some big bright red flag.
I’m capable of collecting treats
And saving them for low BGs.
Don’t lecture me about candy
As though it’ll rise up and eat ME.

Trust that we know
And we find solace
In moderation
Or a well-timed bolus.
That life with diabetes does
Create an undercurrent buzz
Of worry, math, toil, and trouble
But we know how to burst that bubble.
We know how to trick or treat,
We know what we’re ready to eat.

We know how to live with type 1.
We have diabetes, but we still have fun.