I have been trying to write a post since this morning, but my website keeps eating the content and/or refusing to save.  It did let me post the technical difficulties picture earlier, but I think that was mostly out of pity.

Hopefully this post works.  Let’s see …

  • I’ve been quiet on the blog lately, not entirely because of technical difficulties (that was only today) but because summer plus two kiddos rocked my productivity world to its core.  All humans who live in my house are safe and well-cared for but everything aside from that has become dust bunny-infested.  School starts in a few days, and I’m exploring some part-time childcare options for the little Guy, so that should free up more time for me to actually get shit done.
  • Lots of links to share, though.  My inbox, when I have a minute to comb through it, is crammed with useful information I keep meaning to read and then not finding time.  (Related:  I have 23 open browser tabs on Safari right now, and another 10 on Firefox.  I’m in browser hell but I can’t bring myself to actually shut any of the windows SEND HELP!)
  • Links like this … Tandem has finally announced their Dexcom G5 update, and I am wicked excited to make improvements to my insulin pump from the comfort of my home on a Saturday morning – updates on the update once I do it..  Yaaaas convenience (and also yaaaaas queen only this version because John Oliver and also what the hell does yaaas anything mean?  I miss grammar.).
  • The team at Beyond Type 1, after taking over some of the TuDiabetes properties a few months ago, has officially relaunched EsTuDiabetes as Beyond Type 1 en Español.
  • “What experts have long debated, however, is whether reducing the depression can also help control diabetes.”  I’d like to think so.  This article agrees.
  • “Any creatures misappropriated from local zoos should be returned once liberated from your child’s pelt.”  Thank you, McSweeny’s, for How to De-Feralize Your Children for Back to School.
  • Are you in the DC area on October 6 – 8?  The Children with Diabetes Falls Church event is taking place that weekend.  Information is here.  Information plus inspiration will be found there.
  • What you should know about closed looping, from the godmother of DIYPS herself.
  • “Amidst the terror of having to grab essentials and flee their homes, they had to think about keeping diabetes supplies above water: How am I going to handle diabetes through this? Can I bring everything with me? What if everything is not enough?”  This post over at A Sweet Life about PWD and Hurricane Harvey is terrific – read for yourself and see how you can help.
  • And lastly, but not the least bit leastly, September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  Please visit Lindsay Rhoades’ website, Kate’s Cause, and do everything you can to help until childhood cancer is extinct.

Happy weekending.  Here’s hoping the Internet doesn’t eat this when I hit publish …