How is “going back to school” like “going to the endo?”  I’m learning more about life’s parallels every day.  New column up over at Animas:

It reminded me of going to the pediatric endocrinologist’s office when I was a little kid, sitting in the waiting room with my mother.  After checking in with the receptionist, my mom and I would sit in the waiting room.  I’d read my book or play with the toys that were scattered around the room while my mother reached into her canvas work bag and pulled out my blood sugar logs and her list of questions for the endo.  Her brow would instantly furrow.  She, like pretty much every other parent in that waiting room, looked overwhelmed and a little unsure about what might happen next.

Over time, preparing for the endocrinologist visits became a little like preparing for going back to school.  There was a list of things I was supposed to take care of between visits (blood sugar checks are equivalent to summer reading lists in this comparison) and documents I needed to prepare for discussion.  There are (blood) tests to take and teachers who I learned from.  A1Cs felt (still feel?) like report cards.  And sometimes my endo straight schools me on diabetes, tweaking my doses and opening my mind to alternative solutions.  As much as I’ve learned, there’s still more to learn.

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