“So that’s a …” and her question trailed off with a note of empathy and curiosity, her hand gesturing towards the Dexcom sensor on my body.

In the summer time, I can most often be found either on an airplane headed somewhere for work or on the beach, pretending not to work. (There appears to be no in-between. And I’ll admit that there might be a little sand in my laptop.) On airplanes, it’s easy enough to conceal my diabetes devices and allow disclosures, if any, to take place on my time.

But at the beach, in a bathing suit under the bright sun, there’s no hiding anything.

There’s a new column up at Animas.com, closing out summer officially for me with “No Hiding It.”  TL;DR (but please do go read) – my daughter’s new friend’s mom and I went to the beach, and my pump and sensor, and their associated tan lines, were a discussion point.

Nothing like educating others with our toes in the sand.


[Read my Animas disclosure here.  Please?  Thanks.]