“What frustrates you most as someone living with diabetes when eating out or attending an event that isn’t necessarily friendly to your dietary needs?  How do you overcome those challenges?”

Diabetes makes food an out-of-the-gate loaded topic.  Food isn’t ever simply nourishment.  When I look at a plate of food, I see it as a math problem with a dozen different variables.  How many carbs are on the plate?  What kind of carbs are they – fast-acting, slow burning, or a combination of both?  What’s my blood sugar at this moment?  What was it an hour ago?  Do I have a sense of whether or not I’m holding steady, rising, or falling?  Have I exercised recently?  Will I exercise soon? 

And, and, … and?

Oh yes indeed.  It’s another food-related column up at Animas, talking about the weird dance between food being what people eat to stay alive and food being OMG I’M LOW EAT THE FRIDGE.

To take a nibble out of the rest of this column, click over to Animas.

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