Earlier this year, Dexcom released the new SHARE platform for their newest continuous glucose monitor (CGM), the G4. Thanks to SHARE, you can now choose to have as many as five “followers,” who will have your CGM data streamed to their iPhones in real-time.

Uh oh. In the abstract, this sounds great. But in real life?

Sharing your CGM data is personal. Wicked personal. And if you are adult, it’s totally your choice. For some people with diabetes, they may be quite reluctant to share (for a myriad of reasons), while others love the idea of letting their loved ones know how they are doing (especially at those times when they may be at risk of serious hypoglycemia).

And if you are a teen with diabetes, you may have all sort of mixed feelings about sharing your live data with your parents. And for parents, this can be a tough line to walk. How do you let your teen have some privacy and independence, even while you still want to keep a careful eye on him and her?

Bottom line: What are the ground rules here, or what should they be? What are the rules of etiquette that we should be giving our loved ones?

And so, we turn to you— the experts. If you have been using the Dexcom SHARE, how the heck are you using it? What sort of rules of etiquette have you set with your loved ones? When do you want them to bother you or comment on the data they see, and what do you want them to say or do? And when do you want them to leave you alone and butt out? And how are your parents dealing with this? What have you learned that works and doesn’t work when it comes to sharing CGM data in this brave, new world?

Dr. William Polonsky, President of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, and I are working together to better understand the rules of this new technology and we need your stories! So please drop us a line at kerri@sixuntilme.com and let us us know your how, why, and when of sharing CGM data with your trusted circle?