(Disclosures aplenty:  I have a sponsorship contract with Animas through 2015 and have received an Animas Vibe as part of a two week trial.  I’ll receive an actual Vibe as part of my contract.  Keep this in mind as you read through any reviews, because my perspectives are colored by my business relationship with the company.  My reviews have a layer of bias to them.  Picture a foamy cappuccino of bias.  Mmmm … coffee.)

About time. #vibeme (www.sixuntilme.com/disclosures)

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On the morning of New Year’s Eve, I finally stuck an Animas Vibe onto my body to deliver my insulin doses.  This was exciting, as I’ve been envious of the International diabetes community who has had access to the Vibe for a while now.  But this thing is finally approved in the USA, and I’ll be taking this bright blue one for a spin for a few weeks before receiving my own upgrade.  (See above cappuccino o’ bias.)

So far, so good.  (So many Marky Mark references!)

So much more in a few days.