I have always liked this meme (as evidenced by the fact that I always do this meme), because it gives me a few minutes to poke around in the archives and appreciate the literal and figurative highs and lows throughout the year.  That, and my brain is still in holiday mode, so I need to shake the sugarplums and jingle bells out of my head before I can properly construct a thought.

So hey!  Let’s meme.  Because meme.

JanuaryDiabetes advocacy takes shape in the smallest actions – you don’t have to be a “blogger” in order to make a difference.

FebruaryBut some of the don’ts were more subtle:  like “don’t allow the disease that’s built around obsessing about food to let you become obsessed with food.”

MarchAnd lastly, I like lists of things I like.

AprilThis community is huge and continues to grow because it needs to, and because there isn’t someone who tells the story of all of us.

May:  “Hey, your blood sugar is whoa, Mom,” Birdy said absently, placing another worm onto a pile of dirt.

JuneI feel like when people are diagnosed with diabetes-related complications, all of a sudden they feel like they have to hide somewhere and they aren’t allowed to talk about it, so they’re not able to get the support that they need to deal with this new diagnosis.

July:  During my visit to Clara Barton Camp yesterday, I heard the same sentiment over and over again from the kids wearing the bionic pancreas:  “It works.”

AugustYou’re a jerkface,” said Kerri.  “Not to give me a choice.”

September:  That’s the whole entire point of the Diabetes Online Community, to give us that “me, too!” moment that helps make diabetes suck less.

October:  An outline of me underneath me, the line drawn with the panicked sweat of hypoglycemia.

November:  Low blood sugars can sound like stories told ’round the campfire, with great embellishments and drama as to who can tolerate the lowest number without tipping over.

December:  “Instead of making insulin, my pancreas grows peanuts on a peanut farm!”

2015 is coming fast.  And you know what?  I’m finally ready.