“What do you want to do today, Mom?” Birdy asked.

“I don’t know.  What do you want to do?”

Long pause.

“Mom, I want to do a ton of many things!”

A ton of many things.  That makes more sense to me than I’d care to admit.  That’s what’s going on in my head – a ton of so many things – and today I’m using this space to share some stuff:

A dozen different people linked me to this nativity scene, because it’s clearly in my wheelhouse.

Want some superhero snowflakes to grace your home this holiday season?  Dude, there are printable patterns.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and as the calendar pages turn, so does my attention … to Spare a Rose.  This is an initiative we can be proud of as a community, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much world-changing we can do, come February.  To stay up-to-date on the efforts, you can now “like” the Spare a Rose page on Facebook.  (But what would matter more is becoming part of the effort.  See Spare A Rose for details.)

Fingerless gloves make blood sugar checks in the freezing cold weather just a little bit easier.  To quote Pat Benatar (who did not say this): “Love, and diabetes, is a battlefield.”

Fingerless gloves: making life easier for blood sugar checks since the early 80's.

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Mail kimp.

These look adorable, until they start to swell and disintegrate in your hot chocolate.

Diabetes burnout is one thing.  But what happens after diabetes burnout?  Renza’s post is raw, honest, and broke my heart a little bit.

Chris interviewed Chris.

“You know the scene. It’s breakfast time, on a school day, and there are 101 tasks to complete in an infinitesimally tiny timescale.”  This glimpse into morning routines gave me a grin.

If you’re at the Diabetes UnConference in March (and please do be do be dooooo!), you can be a high roller.  Which means you can get super scared of heights if you want.  Which I want!

Ever wonder if you and your insulin pump are a good fit for one another?  Check out Melissa’s article to help determine which pump is right for you!

Orgs supporting diabetes and exercise are becoming increasingly rare. This is scary shit, because exercise is IMPORTANT. Throwing some love to Connected in Motion as they discuss the evolution and plan their future.

“This is what it takes to start to feel better.  To feel happy.  To feel able.  And if I can’t do it on my own, then I’ll have to figure out who the right people are and get them on my bus to help me get further along down that road.  For now, it’s one mile at a time.”  This post from Martin is gorgeous – please take a read.

This song.  On repeat.  For the rest of the year:

Stuff shared.