Yep.  Bullet points.  It’s that kind of post.

  • It’s been several days since I’ve checked in on this blog.  Someone emailed me and asked me if I was still alive.
  • This is to confirm that yes, I am still alive.  🙂
  • It was an unintentional break from blogging (and all things social media) due to the chaos of selling our house, buying a new house, and then moving into that new house.
  • It was weird, though.  The first day or two of not posting was top-of-mind for me, but after a couple extra days, it felt like a nice break.  My brain revolted, at first, not checking email and not being up on what was being discussed re: World Diabetes Day and all the advocacy stuff related to November.
  • But then it felt good.  A respite from the flow of diabetes.  Not that there was a break in my own personal diabetes flow (I still have type 1 diabetes, still pumping insulin, still CGM’ing, still testing my blood sugar … the list goes on), but I had no idea what was going on in the community and I was actually okay with that.
  • I spent World Diabetes Day packing and hanging out with Chris and the Birdzone.  Can’t complain even the littlest bit about that.
  • And now we have a new home (still proud Rhode Islanders) and are adjusting to life in a new town with a lot of cardboard boxes still waiting to be dealt with.
  • A lot of diabetes things have happened in the last week or two, though.  Stuff I want to make sure I mention before my synapses collapse.
  • Like the new Dexcom transmitter.  The lower-profile Dexcom transmitter has made a big difference in my wearability of the sensor.  The sensor has always worked well for me (since the STS days from years ago), so it’s not a matter of accuracy, etc.  But the larger transmitter that came with the G4 originally was noticeably bigger, and the “bulge in my pants” jokes were made as a coping mechanism, not because I enjoyed having this big lump in my pants.  The slimmer transmitter is better, for me, since my sensor is on my outer thigh the majority of the time.
  • (I can’t write “lump in my pants” or “bulge” without feeling creepy and immature.  Which makes me creepy and immature.)
  • I haven’t downloaded the 505 software update, though, because we don’t have a PC handy in our house.  So I’ll need to siphon off of a colleague’s computer in the coming days.  I’ve heard good things about the 505 update, and I’m excited to see progress coming monthly instead of … decade-ly?
  • Hey, there is still time to do your Big Blue Test!  Have you done it yet?  You can.  You don’t even have to have diabetes.  Seriously.  Just move your ass a little.  More here.

  • This cartoon reminds me of the time my macular edema was something the doctor informed the computer screen about, instead of looking at me. That was a crummy moment. Patient-centered shouldn’t mean screen time replacing face time. Or, you know, HUMAN INTERACTION.
  • Came across this word tonight and am better for it. What a great word – “ensorcell.”
  • In cleaning out our old house, I found an old bottle of witch hazel.  If you’ve ever had a bad night with tequila, don’t use witch hazel to clean your face or your body will have a prompt flashback.
  • I found this while packing:

    Never trust a big butt and a smile.

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  • And on a very personal note, my cousin is an aspiring filmmaker and is part of a group putting together a documentary about homelessness in New Haven, CT.  Here’s a link to their Kickstarter campaign, H A V E N.
  • AND THIS THIS THIS IRONMAN THIS!!!!! Man, that is cool and I can’t wait to tell Birdy.
  • And that’s it. Brain, emptied!