There used to be only six links, but I’ve made a mockery of that and now it’s a pig-pile of resources.  All clickable and informative, though, so dive right in!  –>

Jim Turner has always been on my list of “awwww, isn’t he charming?” and the fact that he has type 1 diabetes didn’t hurt that sentiment.  This week, Christopher Snider talked with Jim about diabetes and his journey as an actor on Just Talking.

“How do we educate the younger generation into a world of acceptance, responsibility, and a little less anger towards the uneducated and ignorant? How do we promote peace, understanding and use social media for good?”  Insightful post from Jess at T1DActiveLiving.

If you live near Austin, TX or are planning to be there the weekend of June 20th, join the JDRF for the TypeOneNation Texas event.  I’m excited to be on their list of speakers and am looking forward to visiting Austin again.

“The Diabetes Technology Society (DTS) this week announced the launch of the DTS Surveillance Program for Cleared Blood Glucose Monitors. This surveillance program will provide independent assessment of the performance of cleared blood glucose monitors following Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance against accepted standards, and generate information that can assist patients, healthcare providers, and payers in making the right product selection.”  Bennet blogs about it here, and the DTS has a full update here.

A Sweet Life is hosting an excerpt of my book, Balancing Diabetes, on their website, focusing on Walking the Blood Sugar Tightrope (you know … that thing we do every single day?).  Insight from Dr. Shara Bialo, Dr. Sean Oser, and Dr. Jill Weissberg-Benchell make me so proud of this particular chapter.

Oh hell yes.

“The pride of my four year old daughter in her ability to aim her vomit was kind of heart-warming were it not for the fact that previously in the day, she’d thrown up all over me.”  New column up at dLife’s Generation D.

Are you a Boston-local and with some free time next Wednesday night?  Join me, and the crew at Glu, for a discussion about Dexcom and life with type 1 diabetes.  Details here.

“Acceptance means that I don’t have to like the fact that I need to make these decisions, but I can be kind to myself while doing them.”  Leeann’s guest post about diabetes and mental health, part of a series on the You Can Do This Project website.  Amazing stuff.

“Want to be a champion for effective diabetes policy? You’re in luck. The Diabetes Foundation will host the very first MasterLab, July 2, 2014 at Marriott’s Orlando World Center in Orlando, Florida!”  Learn more about the MasterLab program, and how you can become part of it, at the Diabetes Hands Foundation website.

Happy weekending!!