Just a little PSA for the Diabetes Hope Conference:

(I respectfully borrowed this image from the DHF site.)

I’ve felt that hope is a better motivational force than fear for a long time, and have written about it (and created videos around it) quite a bit.  You might call me a “hope groupie.”  (I’ve been called worse.)

Which is why I’m looking forward to the second annual Diabetes Hope Conference, which is taking place online via webinar, and for free, on Tuesday, May 20th at high noon eastern timeYou can register by clicking here, and I’m hoping you’ll join the discussions because I’m really happy to see hope as something highlighted for people with diabetes.

From Scott Johnson (the advocacy force behind this digital hope effort):  “I work hard to make the Diabetes Hope Conference happen because hope can do amazing things when you’re in the middle of a seemingly impossible situation. Maybe someone out there needs that ray of light that you (or you, or you) can provide. We need to pull those conversations out of the closet, and I think the Diabetes Hope Conference can help do that.”

For more on the origin of the conference and participating partners, click this link.  Hope to see you on Tuesday!