I love Diabetes Blog Week.  It’s inspiring and encouraging, and reignites the blogging ecosystem for readers and writers alike.  Are you participating?  Head over to Karen’s blog for details.

“This head-to-head-to-head comparative effectiveness study reveals the G4 Platinum as the most accurate and precise of the current generation of CGMs, followed closely by the Navigator, with both devices markedly more accurate and precise than the Enlite sensor with the Veo/530G algorithm.”  Here’s an in-depth look at today’s CGM accuracy.

It’s my mom’s birthday.  Birdy helped sign the card … after a fashion.

The Diabetes Hope Conference takes place – digitally! – on May 20th.  Have you signed up?  It’s free!

I want to offer those women some of the encouragement and support that I’ve enjoyed over the years.”  Melissa Lee wishes some BAMWD a Happy Mother’s Day.

You’ve got the whole A1C … in your hand.  You could – literally.

Sarah suggests these two-ingredient pancakes.  I bet I could make these … I think.

Way to go, George!!

“Free foods” was a phrase I grew up with, and I share Kelly’s pickle memories.  🙂

Do you live in Southern California?  The JDRF Orange County branch is holding their free TypeOneNation event on May 18th, and I have the honor of presenting alongside my favorite NinjaCheck out the event page!

Isolation is like a poison for mental health.”  There’s a new, excellent video from the You Can Do This Project team, and it’s all about diabetes and mental health.