Today is my blog’s ninth birthday.  Tomorrow starts year ten and I still stand by the words I wrote in my first post, back in 2005:

“The purpose of this is to make contact with other diabetics. It’s one of those diseases (or maybe they’re all this way, I’m not sure) where even if you have the mechanics of it completely mastered, the psychological battle is just as daunting. Every time I test my blood sugar, the result stirs me up emotionally. If I’m high, I feel guilty. Or surprised. Or angry. If I’m low, I feel anxious. And slightly panicky. Or confused. A normal reading level might make me feel cocky. Or successful. But they all make me feel something. And it’s not just physiological. There is so much involved in the daily maintenance of diabetes that a support network isn’t just nice, it’s necessary.”

Thanks to everyone for continuing to read, to share, and to expand the definition of “support” with every word, meet-up, and friendship forged.  The DOC is as important to my emotional health as insulin is to my physical health, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

Or, if this were an SAT analogy, I’d write that as:

Insulin : Physical health : : DOC : _______

a.  Concrete
b.  Frogger
c.  Emotional health
d.  Harlot

When in doubt, pick (DO)C.