Lots on tap this morning:

While there is no known cure for diabetes, that doesn’t mean the diagnosis is hopeless.  Check out the 2nd Diabetes Hope Conference and register for your free ticket!

A guest post from Hope Warshaw about asking Congress to Access to Quality Diabetes Education on the Strip Safely website.

Grocery store lows are the worst.

These stick people always say shit that resonates.

“These results are very impressive,” said Dr. K. M. Venkat Narayan, professor of medicine and epidemiology at Emory University, who specializes in diabetes and was not involved in the study. “There is strong evidence that we’re implementing better care for patients with diabetes. Awareness has increased tremendously, and there’s been a great deal of emphasis on coordinated care in health care settings.”  tl;dr:  We are worth it.

Children with Diabetes is bringing a conference to Disneyland!!

The Joslin blog is chatting about issues with dressing and your insulin pump. (Not with googly eyes, though it’s been done.)

Scott Johnson is tackling his first 1/2 marathon, and could use our support.

“So next time you see someone who looks a certain way or has a certain disease, I challenge you look at WHO you see, instead of what.”  Beautiful post from Rosie at The Fat Side of the Tracks.

Examining advocacy, and a follow up from Elizabeth about her own journey with diabetes and financial struggles.

No scrubs.

I could look at this all day:

“One year, 26.2 miles … how hard can it be?”  Mr. Mike Lawson is going to find out, and I love how he’s chronicling his journey.

Only 22 days left to bring Timesulin to the U.S.  I hope this effort gets funded!!!

The yin and yang of diabetes.

The #DSMA blog carnival this month is a timely one for me:  What are some of the things we can do to prevent social media burnout?

Happy weekending!  We’re having a Batman birthday party for our newly-minted four year old, and if it doesn’t rain, it will be awesome.  🙂  Have a good one!