The weekend is SO CLOSE.  I’m wearing a path through this busy Friday with a Friday Six:

The FDA is listening, and if you want them to hear from you, you can join the discussion on Monday.  “Whether you want to just listen to the interview to get informed, ask relevant questions to better understand the medical device regulatory process or just speak your mind on the newest draft guidance document … you should join in the conversation.”  Join the FDA and the DOC for a discussion about glucose meters and test strips on Monday, March 31st.  You need to register to join this discussion, and you can do that here.

“We in the diabetes community need to speak out to argue that a. insulin pumps should be removed from competitive bidding and b. that if they remain in the competitive bidding program, CMS must use a different process to determine reimbursement rates, so that cost-saving does not stifle innovation.”  Catherine Price at A Sweet Life has a great post on the efforts to stop competitive bidding for insulin pumps, with simple instructions on how to raise your voice.  CMS is encouraging public comments, but the deadline to submit a comment is TODAY.  Read Catherine’s post for the how, and raise your voice here.

Yes, I’d very much like to consciously uncouple from diabetes.

Just add water.

A little March Madness, insulin-style … (refraining from making any “Sweet 16” jokes because it’s too damn easy.)

This is mesmerizing.

So is this:

Low blood sugar as told by kitties?  OH HELL YES.

When they fight in the double-dutch machine, I lose it every time.

Making the most of your medical appointments?  Diabetes Forecast has some tips.

The permanence of performance.

The JDRF chapter in Boston is holding its masquerade ball to “unmask a cure” in a few weeks, and Briley has a great post on why it’s worth the price of admission.

Interested in supporting some fellow PWDs?  Check out this Novo Nordisk Tweet for details.

Diabetes is so gay.

Weekend. Bring it.