I lifted the corner of my shirt and inspected my pump, looking for the “low battery” or “low reservoir” alarm splashed across the screen.  Nothing.

I went back to working, throwing my focus back onto the words escaping my hands but then …


“The gosh darn?!” I said (or a version of that), lifting my shirt again to steal a glance at my pump screen.  No alarms, no surprises.  Nothing.

Maybe I was losing my mind.  I mean, my Animas pump doesn’t even make the boop beep boop sound  – that was the tune of its predecessor, which had been sitting dormant in my bathroom closet for four years.  And the battery isn’t even in that pump, so how could it possibly be …


Again!  I made a cup of coffee and as the water filtered through the grounds, the smell of fresh coffee filled the kitchen and I breathed in deeply, trying to find my mind again and get my brain back to writing mode but …


“Chris!  Do you hear that noise?”  I called out.

“What noise?”

“That boop beep booping noise. I keep thinking it’s my pump but it’s not my pump because my pump doesn’t even make that noise but I keep hearing it …” I said, interrupted by the BOOP BEEP BOOP! again.

I went upstairs to my bathroom and foraged through the shelves until I found the box where my old Medtronic pump was hiding out.  No battery in it – its “vulture eye” closed – so no chance of it throwing the boop beep boop but then I heard it again – BOOP BEEP BOOP! – from downstairs.  But why was I hearing the exact same sound?  Had this old pump come back to life somehow?  I was ready to go full-Poe and tear up the planks to find the source of the boop beep booping.

“Chris?  Do you hear that sound coming from downstairs?  Or is it coming from up here?”

“No, I hear it, too!  It’s not your pump?”

“Nope,” I yelled down to him.  “Not my Dexcom, either.  Nothing on my body right now is boop beep booping.  But I keep hearing the – ”


“I heard it!”  he yelled.  “It’s coming from down here, in the kitchen!”

Turns out that our new dishwasher, if you open it mid-cycle and forget to restart it, makes the exact same BOOP BEEP BOOP! as my old Medtronic insulin pump.