An ode to the community I respect so much, and one that doesn’t simply exist “online.”  Diabetes advocacy takes shape in the smallest actions – you don’t have to be a “blogger” in order to make a difference. 

Make a Difference for One.

We’re united by beta cells on a long break.
We’re united by know just how much it takes
To pinch hit for pancs that gave up on producing
The hormone we use for blood sugar reducing.

It’s bigger than blogging. It’s bigger than Twitter.
It’s bigger than sharing photos of no-hitters.
It’s more than just Facebook; it’s more than the Tumblr.
It’s more than the lab work or A1C number.

It’s a group of compatriots, joined at the point
Where their betas up and vacated the joint.
But the group isn’t limited to those with the D.
It’s for those who are touched even casually.

If you blog – you’re in. If you Tweet, you’re in, too.
If you wish you did these but no time, it’s still cool.
Social media isn’t what makes you a part;
It’s those hiccuping betas, and an increase of heart.

Every way that you raise up your voice is what counts
Awareness is spread in big and small amounts.
No reach is too small and no efforts are trite.
Make a difference for one and you’ve just changed a life.