After 27 years of type 1 diabetes, with ten years of pumping and over 60,000 blood sugar checks, I’ve certainly generated my share of diabetes-related garbage.  All the little syringe caps and infusion sets, bottles of insulin, and dead strips, I could scent a landfill with the soft, wafting bouquet of band-aids (insulin) with ease.

But it doesn’t all have to be tossed out.  There are ways to cleverly recycle diabetes supplies.  Some people make insulin bottle lights.  And others make jewelry.  Today, I wanted to share an Etsy listing I came across, created by Camille Poussy Boivin of Québec, Canada.  She’s found a way to cleverly recycle her Medtronic pump caps:

Camille said, “I am kind of a diabetes hoarder, I keep empty insulin bottles, lancet caps, test strip bottles and also infusion set caps. I’m a crafty D Mama so I keep all this waiting for a great idea as what to do with it!  I started making D Mama diabetes inspired jewelry and wanted to do fun bracelets for kids.  The pump caps were just perfect to use as clasp, they are easy to clip on and off.

I plan on doing pump caps necklaces and earrings soon. I just love recycling and spreading awareness all at the same time!!!”

To check out Camille’s store on Etsy, visit D MamaOwl Boutique.  And to learn more about Camille and her family’s experiences with type 1 diabetes, be sure to visit her blog.

“My son’s type one diabetes inspired me to do beautiful things for others hoping it will inspired them to live a happy and joyful life despite type 1 diabetes,” added Camille.

Are you a diabetes upcycler?  Share links to what you’ve created!