One thing I really love about recently-developed blood glucose meters is how so many of them have a small light at the top of the device, allowing PWD to FINALLY see what the hell they’re doing when they check in the dark.  Light up meters have saved precious blood droplets in bed, movie theaters, and dark restaurants (not to mention also helping keep me from dotting the bedsheets with my roaming fingertips).

But they also double nicely at a Disney-On-Ice event, where the light up kid-trap toys cost goofy (ha?) amounts and last only for the night.

(Kidding.  I didn’t make Birdy play with my meter instead of a light up toy.  I also didn’t buy her a light up toy, but that’s neither here nor there … actually, it’s still there because no way was I buying that crap.  I did feel completely innocuous when checking my blood sugar at this event, though, because so many people had their hands on something that threw light.  Assimilation!)