Here’s what I wrote to introduce this post back in 2012:  “Yearly recap?  Sure!  Here we go: the first lines of a definitive post from each month in 2012.  With the same photo I’ve used for the last few years … maybe I’ll update that in 2013.  :)”  Clearly, I have done nothing to update things this year.  ONWARD … ?

JanuaryThe 48 mg/dL I had the other night wasn’t the lowest I’ve ever been, or the most ‘out of it’ I’ve been in the middle of the night.

February:  I travel a lot, so I’m very used to the airport patdown (aka “free massage”) and lots of scrutiny about my insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor.

March:  Way back when I was a young kid with type 1 diabetes, my school lunches were ruled by the American Diabetes Association exchange program.

AprilDear Birdy,  Today is your birthday.  You’re three years old, love.

May:  We, the undersigned, being of sound body and mind, need to go back to that “being of sound body” bit.

June“I really like Ironman.  And Superman.  And Spiderman.”  She paused.  “But not the Hulk, because he smashes things.  Why he smashes things?”

JulyThe oven broke.

August:  “Mawm, I can I help you put on your pump right now?”

September:  It whispered in my ear two January’s ago, when a low blood sugar came too close to becoming terrifying as I felt the whoosh of that bullet go by.

October:  “So what you should do is see what people are searching for and then carefully tailor your posts to draw in those searches.”

November:  “You have diabetes  You seem fine.” “I am fine.”

December:  I had been sitting in the darkened waiting room where people sit patiently, waiting for the dilation drops to take effect on their eyeballs.

Next year (also known as “tomorrow”) is shaping up to be a fun one, and I’m excited to see how it maps out for this diabetes community I’ve come to think of as family.  Happy New Year, and stay safe tonight!