‘Tis the season for sleep debt, right?  (Also ’tis the season for blog posts that start with, or include the phrase “’tis the season.”  ‘Tisn’t the season for originality.)  My goal today is to find a place in Birdzone’s room for her new Hot Wheels track (No batteries! Hours of entertainment! Loopy loves the loop-dee-loops!) and also to share this column from Generation D on the epic lack of sleep that diabetes can cause, and the small steps I take to mitigate those variables:

“But it’s the diabetes-related interruptions that set me straight into slept debt. Sleep becomes “sleep,” with the necessary and accusatory quotation marks.

… So what can I do to achieve a good night’s sleep? Is it even possible? It’s hard to hit that target, but I do a few things to improve my aim.”

For the rest of the column, please skip over to dLife, and if you have another minute, please mentally pet Siah in this picture because she looks really, really sleepy and could use a good snuggle.