“So you write a blog about diabetes?  Don’t you run out of things to write about?”

A really nice lady at the JDRF event past weekend posed this question to me.

There’s always something, some bit of minutiae to choose to chronicle.  Maybe the blood sugar of 70 mg/dL coupled with a southeasterly Dexcom arrow that woke me up at 3 am.  Could be the realization that I haven’t changed my lancet in mumble mumble days.  Or my husband’s question – “Do we have AA batteries?” – and my immediate thought of “I use them in the pump.  I hope we do!”

Could be that every meal, every snack, every bit of exercise, every time before I drive, every time I pee (“Is this high blood sugar or is this just … pee?”) … so many moments take something diabetes-related into account.  It’s not “woe is we” but sometimes just whoa, because diabetes can take up a lot of thought space.

“No, there’s pretty much always something to write about,” I answered.

And her face fell a little bit, and I realized she was asking not for herself, but for her son who was living with type 1 diabetes.  I didn’t realize that the underlying question wasn’t about writing prompts but more, “Will diabetes always be on his mind?”

Diabetes will always be on his mind, just a little.  Just enough to keep tabs on it.  Sometimes more often, depending on the needs of his body and his mind.

But even though there will be so many moments when diabetes is taken into consideration throughout the course of our lives with it, they’re just moments.  They don’t define his whole life.

“There’s always something to write about, but I choose to write about these diabetes things and to focus on them.” I amended, wanting to hug her.  “I’m not highlighting these moments in my life … just on paper.”

She smiled, looking relieved.  “On screen, right?”