It’s not a matter of can, but more a matter of should.  I’ve written a column over at A Sweet Life about the cupcake conundrum:

“People with diabetes can eat anything,”  ”they” say.

Yes, yes they can.  They can physically bring a food item to their mouth and consume it.  This is true.  It’s not a matter of “can’t,” but “should.” 

“People with diabetes shouldn’t ever eat cupcakes,” the “other they” says. 

I have a hard time accepting absolutes.  The absolutes are what make me feel frustrated.   

“People with diabetes shouldn’t ever eat cupcakes, or have babies, or eat gluten, or lick wallpaper, or ride unicycles, or shimmy their shoulders sassily on airplanes.”  Or, “People with diabetes should always prick the side of their fingers – never the pad! – and CGM sensors can only be worn on the abdomen and if you’re not on an insulin pump, you aren’t trying hard enough.”

For the rest of the article, click on over to A Sweet Life for Sticking it to Diabetes.

Should people with diabetes eat cupcakes?  Yes.  No.  MAYBE.