When we were in Montreal, a company had their marketers out on the street, handing out snacks.  We gladly accepted, hoping it wouldn’t end up being a bag filled with poisonous razorblades (of course not, because it’s Canada, eh?).

“I don’t like these, Mawm,” said Birdy, deftly spitting hers back into my hand.

“Me neither,” said Chris, thankfully not as giving with his chewed food as our daughter.

Sadly, I’m the freak of the family because I like these strange little French snacks.  Made by Tutti Gourmet (Tootie?), they taste a little bit like shredded wheat and enough like dried fruit to be easily consumed.  Gluten-free and vegan (or végétalien, so the bag claims), they have become a snack that no one else in my house likes, which means I can claim them as all my own.

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