Halloween DOES rule!!  It’s fun and gives people the opportunity to make costumes, hang out with friends and family, and collect some tasty treats and …

Wait, you thought there would be rules?  Like actual rules to enjoying Halloween?

There aren’t any set rules to doing the whole Halloween-and-diabetes thing.  Back when I was a kid with diabetes (we went trick or treating, uphill both ways), I had the same, normal experiences as my friends, with a few unique moments built in (like that time the cops rolled up on us) and a few more blood sugar checks than average.  Sugar-free candy wasn’t the most appealing option (mostly because it brought about an uncomfortable gastrointestinal concern), so I snacked on the same stuff my friends were eating.

As with most things when I was a little kid, my mom worried for me.  So while she was sniffing my breath for the telltale signs of candy bars, she was also checking my blood sugar and making the necessary corrections, and I continued on, doing the kid thing.  (Thanks, Mom.)  It wasn’t until I was older and going out trick-or-treating with my friends did I start making decisions – good and not-so-good – on my own in terms of diabetes.

The “rules?”  Why should there be rules that make this holiday less fun?  There’s more to Halloween than candy.  Have fun – laugh and play with friends and family and kick piles of leaves and sport excellent costumes.  Be safe – wear glow bracelets to keep you visible in the dark, and test your blood sugar often to make sure you aren’t going low from all the walking/high from all the snacking.  (And maybe go easy on the sugar-free candy, unless you happen to be trick-or-treating in a neighborhood with TP’d houses … if you know what I mean.)

Of all the things to be spooked by on Halloween, don’t let diabetes be one of them.

Halloween rules!!!!!