Between the finishing up of Birdy’s Spidergirl costume (a labor-and-tulle intensive endeavor), carving our pumpkin (she wanted a big Batman signal on it this year), and the creation of a cemetery cake (which Birdzone renamed “the grave garden” – a name I like more than the original), we’re getting our Halloween on here in a big way.

A cemetery cake, aka the "grave garden."

Way back in the day, my first Halloween experience after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes came barely a month in, sending me out trick-or-treating with my family and subsequently having my breath sniffed for evidence of having sneaked a Twix bar (or three).  I remember trading my candy to my brother for a few dollars in efforts to keep me from consuming too much, and a small bag filled with treats was stuck on top of the refrigerator, promised to be used for the next few low blood sugar reactions.

But for me, it’s not as much about the candy as it is about the costumes.  I’ve always been a big fan of dressing up and having fun on Halloween, and being diagnosed with diabetes didn’t make a dent in that part of the fun.