“Just bolus fifteen minutes before you eat, and you won’t see that post-prandial spike.”

“Just bolus thirty-five minutes before you eat, and you won’t see a post-prandial spike.”

“Have you thought about Levemir?”

“Have you tried Apridra?”

“Have you seen any difference between Humalog and Novolog?”

“If I use the Opsite tape, I can get a sensor to stay on for ten days.”

“I use a tubed pump.”

“I use a patch pump.”

“I use pens.”

“I need a dual-wave bolus for pizza.”

“I use a square-wave bolus for pizza.”

“I use my insulin pen like four times for pizza.”

“You eat pizza?!”

Even though we are living with the “same” disease, the way we manage is different for each one of us.  One size, or one management plan, does not fit all.  (And one size doesn’t even fit for the same person every day … see also “insanity.”)