I spend a fair amount of time, and money, at CVS.  First off, they’re a Rhode Island-based company (anchored in Woonsocket, RI, which is a town name that’s fun to say), and secondly, as a person with diabetes, a woman, a mom, and someone who doesn’t plan ahead much and often needs emergency items at midnight, CVS is one of those places I can walk into with intentions to buy one or two things but end up leaving after spending $100 on what the hell.  Thirdly, I’m one of those people who end up with the mile-long receipts at the end of every purchase, usually including those free Extracare bucks, which I should turn around and use to purchase something useful, but most often I let Birdy pick out nail polish.  /digression

So when the team at CVS asked me to be part of a video series they were doing, with different bloggers from different communities stepping in as “guides” for Extracare programs, I was happy to say yes.  Rhody Pride!  And DOC pride.  Double win.  And yes, I stood in front of an aisle-full of “diabetic socks” for the better part of an afternoon.  Those poor diabetic socks.  But I also had a chance to meet, and chat with, other women in the blogging space who are writing about things outside of my normal comfort zone, which was a cool experience.  So many niche communities to get to know.

To check out the video series, you can go Choose Your Own Extracare Adventure.  I promise there aren’t any skulls and crossbones if you choose wrong, nor will your face melt off.  Forgive me in advance for going full-New England on these videos and talking really fast.

Disclosure:  I was compensated for participating in this video program and was asked to blog about it once the videos were live.  Opinions on CVS are mine.  As are my opinions on diabetes.  And socks.