“How about something that is cheered up and happy?”  She pointed to the image of the dark blue make-up bag I was considering buying from Amazon to serve as a new meter case.  “That’s boring.”

“Good point.  What would you prefer I use?”

Her tiny Bird-brow furrowed.  “Maybe something with a face.”

Which brought us to this:

I’m an adult, with a job and responsibilities and a health condition that requires plenty of strokey-beard moments.  I like meter cases that can hold all my junk without busting at the seams (glucose meter, lancing device, test strip bottle, extra lancets, a quarter to unscrew the battery cap on my pump, an extra AA battery, and an insulin pen).  Regular-sized meter cases don’t do it for me, and I usually sub in a make-up bag or a pencil case.  Until recently, I preferred makeshift meter cases that were basic and black, wanting my diabetes supplies to be housed in something innocuous.

Which makes my new meter case such a departure, because I’ve never had a supply bag that outright grinned at me all day long.  I was reluctant at first, but now I like it.

“See, mawm?  It’s all cheered-up!”

So cheered up.