For the past five years or so, Chris and I have been going up to Bar Harbor, Maine to spend a few days walking around in the woods.  (Let me clarify.  “Walking around in the woods” means going on hikes, spending hours on end outside, and then retiring to the comfort of a bed & breakfast because I do not pee or sleep happily in the woods.)  Spending time offline and with the family was long overdue.

This year was particularly special, because we introduced our littlest Bird to some of our favorite spots in Maine.  Anti-stroller and anti-nap since she was about two years old, Birdy was ready to take on the three mile hike around Jordan Pond, chattering the whole way about the popovers she’d be able to eat when we returned to the tea house.

Allowed to use a butter knife (for the first time – big moment!) to slather butter and strawberry jam onto the fresh-from-the-oven treat, Birdy was excited to take a bite.

“Mawm!  Popovahs!!”

We introduced her to my favorite breakfast place of all time:  2 Cats.

And when she wanted a different view of the world, we lifted her up and let her see things from way up high (allowing her a new vantage point and also the opportunity to mess with her dad’s hair).

“Have I been here before?  In mom’s belly?”

“Yes, you were here once.  And now you’re here, on the outside.”

“Yeah.  Because I got so big that I had to come out of your belly and have popovahs.”